Major Detox

Wow, this is an intense regimen of detox. Most people do a detox by going to the health food store, picking up some sort of detox kit, and following the directions, which may take a day or a weekend or a week to complete. Gerson Therapy is basically an 18-36 month detox, depending on how chronic your condition. In general, those with malignant cancer are looking at 24-36 months. Those with non-cancer or non-malignant chronic conditions are looking at 18-24 months. Yes, obesity is considered a chronic condition, and when you think about it that makes sense, since we don’t become obese unless our metabolism doesn’t keep up with our caloric intake. Many people who gain weight, myself included, get to the point where they gain weight very rapidly for imbibing in small amounts of restricted foods, such as enjoying a little pizza or a little carb treat. I can remember days when I would gain 3 lbs for cheating the day before. Considering how long it takes to lose 3 lbs and how much effort it requires to lose 3 lbs, perhaps 3 or 4 weeks of diet restriction, one can see how frustrating it can be to gain all that weight back in a day. This is what I define as a losing battle. Thus, it might explain to some why I chose to pull out the big guns and go with Gerson. Of course, I didn’t do this without first trying vegetarian diet, vegan diet, juicing and vegan combined, the PHD diet (Perfect Health Diet) which is a modified Paleo diet, the South Beach Diet, etc…. And yes, I tried exercise, working out in the gym, etc. Something just wasn’t adding up, my results were not what they should have been, and the only thing left to try on the holistic side is Gerson. Extreme? Yes! Am I getting results? Yes, I have broken through the inability to lose weight, and am down to 193 now. That’s about 3 lbs lower than at my last writing. So it’s not coming off in lightening speed, which you would expect with the degree of effort. However, it is coming off, which is much better than where I was before, when I was not losing, I was just gaining. So I feel like I have rounded the corner, I am losing weight, and I am on the right path. The path is detoxification of the body, easing up on the liver, allowing the liver to gain strength. The weight comes off as a bonus in this scheme. Although weight loss has been my main goal, in this protocol, my main goal is detoxification, and strengthening of the liver and immune system, and then the weight will drop.

4 thoughts on “Major Detox

  1. I will like to know if you added something to improved Hippocrates soup flavor – that is one of my most dificult challenge, beside stooping salt and sugar. Would you share your daily routine looks like in Gerson protocol?
    Thank you for your help and I wish you only the best – congratulation!
    ~ Mimi

    • Hello Mimi, Thank you for your comments and questions. We have found that the ingredients which most improve the Hippocrates soup are Garlic, Fresh Parsley and Celeriac, otherwise called Celery Root. Celeriac adds the most distinct flavor, fairly common in many produce departments, but if you can’t find it, ask your produce manager to start ordering some for you. It doesn’t take much, just one medium size celery root is enough for 5 batches of soup. The daily routine is a much bigger question, I will perhaps save that one for a future post.

      • Fair enough. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I Definitly will use those ingredients.
        Sending your way abundance of optimum health, peace, joy and spiritual ilumination. I appreciate you!
        ~ Mimi

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